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How An EMT Can Cause A Birth Injury

by Lois Gibson

When it comes to protecting yourself and your unborn child, you will want to know when you have a birth injury case on your hands. This isn't just in the event that the hospital or doctor was negligent in their duties, but also if the EMT has failed to do their job, as well. If you need to be rushed to the hospital, you should know that your rights are protected should something go wrong along the way. Here's how an EMT can cause a birth injury so you know when you have a case on your hands:

Unequipped Vehicle:

In order to provide their passengers with the care that they need, EMTs need to ensure that their vehicles are well equipped. If there is anything missing, such as oxygen masks, it can easily lead to a birth injury. It's up to the EMTs to check that the vehicle is properly equipped upon arriving to the job. 

Negligent Driving:

The EMT driving the vehicle can also be held responsible for the fact that they may have been driving negligently and caused an accident. While all drivers on the road should immediately stop and pull over if possible when an ambulance is on the road with its lights on, it's still the EMT's responsibility to slow down through intersections and when passing large groups of vehicles that may not be aware of the ambulance attempting to make its way through. 

Giving Improper Medications or Improper Dosages: 

If you need any kind of medication while en route to the hospital, it's important that the EMT knows whether or not these medications are safe while pregnant and in what dosages they are safe. If the medication is administered incorrectly at all, then the EMT will be held responsible, especially if the medication was not necessary until you arrived to the hospital in the responsible care of your doctor. 

Not Keeping Records: 

When you arrive at the hospital, the EMT must report your condition upon arrival to the hospital administer or doctor. This is important to ensure that the doctor knows what treatments were given en route and what needs to be done from here. If there are problems, such as doubling on medication that has already been given, it's the fault of the EMT for not reporting it. 

When you know what situations could cause for a birth injury lawsuit against an EMT, you know when you have a case on your hands. For more information and help with your situation, contact a birth injury lawyers in your area.