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Been Bitten By An Aggressive Dog? Why You May Want To Hire A Lawyer

by Lois Gibson

If you have recently been through the traumatic experience of being bitten by an overly aggressive dog, you may be wondering what you can and should do about the situation. Because dog bites almost always require medical care and attention, including the potential for painful procedures such as rabies vaccinations, you may feel that you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering (not to mention your medical bills). After a dog bite incident and the necessary medical treatments, you may find yourself trying to decide whether or not hiring a dog bite lawyer is the right choice for your situation. Get to know some of the reasons you might want to hire such a lawyer to assist you in dealing with the aftermath of your dog bite.

Insurance Companies Are More Responsive To Victims With Lawyers

Homeowners insurance is responsible for paying claims when the homeowner's dog has bitten someone. However, these insurance companies are going to fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out claims or paying the full cost of medical care or the like if they can help it.

If the victim of a dog bite does not have a lawyer, they are likely going to meet more resistance and get offered a lower settlement amount from the insurance company than a person who hires an attorney. This means that if you choose not to work with a lawyer, you could still find yourself paying out of pocket for many of your medical bills following the incident.

Additionally, it is important to understand that dog bite lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they do not get paid unless you win the case.

A Dog Bite Lawyer Can Negotiate Compensation For More Than Medical Bills

What you may not realize about pursuing compensation for a dog bite is that there is a lot more that you can seek compensation for than just your medical care and bills. For example, you may have needed to miss work because of your injuries or to get your series of rabies vaccinations.

This costs you time and money, even if you have paid sick leave for such occasions. A dog bite attorney can help you to get compensation for the wages you lost from missing work. You may also have had to go to mental health counseling or therapy after the incident because of the traumatic experience, not to mention the need to purchase first aid supplies to dress any wounds and the like. All of this can be included in your claim with the assistance of your attorney.

With these reasons in mind, you can be certain that you make the right decision for yourself following your unfortunate dog bite incident.