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2 Factors In Proving A Business Is Liable For Your Injuries

by Lois Gibson

If you fall at a store or business, they may be liable for your injuries and may have to pay for your medical costs. However, most businesses aren't going to want to admit liability because then they will have to pay. So, how can you prove that they are liable for your injuries?

Evaluate Your Location

If you were in an area where you were supposed to be, such as a public or common area, then the business may be liable for your injuries. That's because they have an assumed duty of care for you. For example, if you were in a public area at a construction supply store and they had a scissor lift come through and you were injured, the store may have liability because you were where you were supposed to be and doing what you were supposed to be doing and they violated their duty of care to you. However, if you snuck in the back of the store to look at something and you were injured, the store may not be liable because you were somewhere you shouldn't be and it may be assumed that you are at least partially liable for your injuries. 

Think About Property Maintenance

If you were injured because the property you were on was poorly maintained or the building you were in wasn't taken care of, then you may also have a case against the business. There are several different ways that the property could be poorly maintained. For example, in the winter time, if they have not shoveled the sidewalk or entry way or salted it so that there is no ice on the ground, then the business owners aren't taking are of their property the way that they should, and may be liable. Likewise, if they have large icicles hanging from the building and they don't warn people or knock the ice down, then you may also have a case against them. Another thing would be if they don't take care of drips or leaks on the inside of the building and you slip in a puddle or fall over a bucket, then the business may also be at fault for your accident. 

If you have been injured at a store or business and you think that you have a case against them, then you can talk to a lawyer such as Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC to find out if you have a case.