Understanding Car Accident Claims

Three Ways To Find Evidence For Your Personal Injury Case

by Lois Gibson

An injury that occurs outside of a place of business can often mean the business or property owner is at fault. Unfortunately, though, it will often come down to their word against yours. For this reason, you will need to secure witnesses or proof of fault. The following are three ways that you can achieve this.

#1: Take your own photos

photographic evidence should be secured as soon after the accident as possible. You don't want the business to remove or repair the cause of your accident before you have proof. Plus, if the accident was from neglect, such as leaving a mess or stretching a cord across the path, then chances are it will be gone soon after your accident. The best course of action is to use your phone to take pictures before you leave the accident scene. If that's not possible, then ask someone who is with you or one of the witnesses to take the photo for you. 

#2: Ask about videos

Video evidence can sometimes be better than s photo, especially if it shows the accident taking place. Getting a copy of any CCTV video from the business where you were injured may be difficult without the help of a lawyer, but there may be nearby businesses that have cameras that overlap the area where you were injured. Just act quickly, since some security companies erase or record over videos within a few days to within a week. You don't want to lose the perfect evidence because you waited too long to ask for it.

#3: Put up an ad

When all else fails, find some witnesses. The best scenario is that you were able to take down witness information immediately after the accident. Otherwise, you may need to hunt down any witnesses to the event. Place ads in the newspaper as well as in online classifieds. If the business is one where the same customers tend to come by at the same time, you can stop by and ask if anyone saw the accident- just don't interfere with them entering the property. You can also hang fliers in neighboring businesses or on public property near the area. Finally, don't overlook any cars that were parked facing the accident site; they may have had dash cameras that caught the accident, so don't be afraid to ask.

Proving an accident case can be tough, but with perseverance and the right tactics, it is possible to succeed. Contact a personal injury attorney in your area for more help with your case. Visit http://www.injuryattorneylafayettein.com/ to learn more.