Understanding Car Accident Claims

2 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After An Auto Accident

by Lois Gibson

One of the most useful resources to have at your disposal when you have been involved in an auto accident is an accident attorney, mostly due to the fact that they can handle your case in a very efficient and effective manner. Listed below are two reasons to hire an attorney after an auto accident.

They Can Handle All of the Interactions with the Insurance Companies

One of the most useful ways that an attorney can help you is by handling all of the interactions you are likely to have with the insurance companies involved. In the event that you are found responsible for the accident, your attorney can negotiate with your insurance company to make sure that they pay everything that they are obligated to pay based on your insurance policy. This benefit is useful because it is not uncommon for your insurance company to attempt to pay less than they are required, making you pay the remainder of any repairs on the other individual's vehicle or on your own vehicle.

In addition, if your attorney believes that your case is strong enough, they will also handle the negotiations with the insurance company that is representing the individual that struck you. By having a professional handle these negotiations, the odds of you getting a larger settlement from that insurance company will be much higher.

They Can Build a Defense Against the Blame Being Placed on You

Another major reason to hire an attorney is to protect yourself and to build a defense against the blame being placed on you. One of the most common ways that people attempt to get out of the associated penalties that can come up after having caused an accident is to pin the blame on one of the other people that were involved. In most cases, this is because those individuals don't want to have to pay increased insurance premiums, pay for someone's medical expenses, or potentially face criminal charges if it is found that they were driving recklessly or under the influence.

The main way that an attorney will try to build a defense against this tactic is by collecting as much evidence as possible to corroborate your version of the events leading up to the accident. This can include your attorney speaking to as many eyewitnesses as possible, as well as taking a look at police reports and even visiting the site of the accident. In addition, an attorney may even be willing to request copies of cellphone records in order to see if the person that struck your vehicle was carrying on a conversation or texting someone around the time that the accident occurred.

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