Understanding Car Accident Claims

Is Your Auto Insurance Company Trying To Accuse You Of False Claims? What To Do

by Lois Gibson

If an insurance provider is currently trying to deny your claim, saying the damage that occurred to your car and your body couldn't be from the accident that you were in, then it's time to contact a legal professional. There are many ways that you can prove that the medical and automobile accident caused all of your issues, and the lawyer will work for you to get the best outcome possible. Here are some of the things that you want to do when you meet with a lawyer.

Be Honest About the Accident

You don't want to try to change the facts about the case, or make things up because you want the lawyer to be on your side, or because you want to get the best outcome. You have to be 100 percent honest about how the accident took place, what the damage was to you and the car, and with any other information that is important for the case.

Gather All Evidence You Can

There are ways that you can prove that you were in good health before the accident took place, and that your vehicle was in prime condition. Video cameras at places where you work, shop, or go throughout the week may have surveillance of not only your car, but you getting in and out of your car. If the video is time stamped it's an easy way to prove that the accident caused your problems. Previous medical appointments or pictures of the vehicle can also help.

Provide all Prior Communication with the Insurance Companies

If the insurance company has been trying to contact you, if they have sent you many forms of denial for your case, via letter or email, and if they have had other communications with you, you want to print out and prove what you can to your lawyer. Your lawyer has to make sure that they aren't trying to force you into a faulty deal or claim.

There are a lot of issues that can come up when an insurance company is trying to say that an accident didn't cause all of the problems you have with your car, or that it didn't cause the bad medical injuries you now have. Talk with a lawyer right away and have the insurance company communicate with them, to be sure that you get the compensation and cooperation that you need after the injuries and car are mended. Visit a site like http://www.clearfieldinjurylawyer.com/ for more help.