Understanding Car Accident Claims

The Deceptive Phone Call That Comes After An Accident

by Lois Gibson

After a wreck, it's natural to want it all to be over with. You want to be healed from your injuries, have transportation again, go back to your job, and enjoy your friends and family again. Not only can the time right after a wreck be tough going, but you might end up being preyed upon by a deceptive insurance representative. Read on to find out about the deceptive phone call after you've been hurt in an accident.

Would You Like to be Paid Right Now?

Of course, you would have to say "yes" to that question. These things take time, however, and you can rest assured that if an insurance representative is offering you a check in the first few weeks after an accident, it won't be what you truly deserve. Insurance claims adjusters for the other driver's insurance carrier know their client was at fault for the wreck, thus the offer. It is definitely in their best interest if they can persuade you to just sign away your rights to adequate compensation and accept the check.

It's Not Enough to Just Say "No"

Unfortunately, turning down the at-fault driver's lame offer is just the beginning. The real reason for the call is to gather ammunition that pokes holes in your claim for money damages. While it may ease your stress level to talk about the accident and the after-effects to friends and family, just stop there. This insurance adjuster is not your friend, no matter how "friendly" they seem. It's their job to be nice and to lull you into speaking about the accident. Since saying the wrong thing is so dangerous, why speak to them at all?

Know the Rules

In all likelihood, you must speak to your own insurance company about the accident. It's probably right there in the tiny print on your policy that almost no one really reads. When you get a phone call from an insurance company, be sure you know exactly who you are speaking to. If it's the other side's company, politely tell them to talk to your personal injury attorney instead.

What Did You Say?

By now, you might be wondering why all the fuss about speaking to an adjuster? Take a look at some potential scenarios that could damage your chances to get compensated and make your lawyer extremely irritated:

  • Because you are still getting over the accident, you are having trouble remembering things. Since you want to get that check, you decide to guess or speculate about the facts of the case.
  • You tried to answer the adjuster's open-ended questions and accidentally rambled on about things.
  • You are now not sure what you said.
  • You provided names, times, weather conditions, speeds, actions, and other facts to the adjuster without really being sure of yourself. Unfortunately, it turns out that you got things so mixed up that it makes you appear to be deceptive.

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