Understanding Car Accident Claims

You May Be Entitled To Compensation For A Death Caused By A Train Accident

by Lois Gibson

Trains travel at high speeds and are very heavy. Therefore, when a train crashes, it's very common that the accident will lead to fatalities. If you are related to an individual who was on a train when it crashed, a wrongful death attorney will help you get to the bottom of why the accident occurred so you can decide which legal options you would like to pursue.

Common Mistakes That Lead to Train Accidents

Some train accidents are the result of conductor error. Others are the result of a failure to properly maintain the train, while still others are the result of the train being overloaded with cargo. Sometimes, however, the accident is the result of the train or train tracks being poorly designed in the first place. As such, because there are many possible causes of a train accident, your attorney will need to investigate the accident to find out exactly what went wrong. Unless the train accident was the result of an act of nature, there is likely at least one party who is at fault.

Your Right to Compensation

If your loved one has passed away due to a train accident, you will be entitled to compensation as long as the accident is the result of negligence. Your attorney will try to negotiate a settlement. Very rarely do insurance providers offer what your wrongful death claim is worth so you will need a tough and knowledgeable negotiator in your corner. 

Train companies often have large legal teams to assist them in what can be very expensive legal battles. Also, some trains are operated by government agencies. The rules for negotiating a settlement with a train operated by the government are different because you will have a shorter statute of limitations and will have to follow a specific procedure.

Trains Operated By Government Agencies

Government agencies often limit how much they will pay for a train accident. However, if you are able to prove that a private party was responsible for your accident, suing that party as well will allow you to receive a combined settlement large enough to pay for damages you have suffered such as pain and suffering and funeral expenses. 

But, in order to receive full compensation for the loss of your loved one, you must have the right type of relationship with the deceased under state law. A wrongful death attorney will assist you in this. Contact a wrongful death attorney for more information.