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Failure To Diagnose Ovarian Cancer May Be A Case Of Medical Malpractice

by Lois Gibson

When ovarian cancer is not diagnosed early enough, the chances of survival are much lower and the amount of pain and suffering you may experience can be much more severe. As a result, you may be entitled to compensation under some circumstances under medical malpractice law. But because winning a medical malpractice case is very challenging, you will need to consult with a personal injury lawyer before you begin.

Early Diagnosis Is Key

The sooner that you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the more quickly that you will be able to receive treatment and have a better outcome. With ovarian cancer, catching it in an early stage will make it overwhelmingly more likely that you will be cured. You will not suffer as much if your cancer has not progressed as far and you are able to receive the appropriate treatment. 

Unfortunately, some doctors make mistakes that are inexcusable and fail to diagnose ovarian cancer when a more reasonable doctor would have. You may have undergone a pap smear that should have revealed the presence of ovarian cancer, but your doctor might have failed to take the appropriate action. If you are able to prove that this is the case, with the help of a personal injury attorney and an expert witness, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering.

Pain and Suffering That Results from Ovarian Cancer

Cancer can affect all areas of the body depending on how much it progresses. It can cause a brain injury, severe lower abdominal pain, incontinence, and seizures. You may also suffer from depression after being diagnosed with the condition and will be entitled to compensation for psychiatric medications you may need and talk therapy. 

Having cancer can have a substantial impact on your life. You may be forced to use a feeding tube for an extended period. You may be very weak and unable to walk. As a result, you might need to receive care from home health aides. This can be very expensive and will likely prevent you from remaining employed. You may be entitled to lost wages and future lost wages.

Recovery for Your Damages

A personal injury attorney can help you calculate the damages you have suffered as a result of having your ovarian cancer diagnosed too late. Family members might also be entitled to damages due to the emotional trauma they have suffered as a result of the failure to diagnose your ovarian cancer.

Contact a local personal injury lawyer if you think you have a case.