Understanding Car Accident Claims

How To Find The Right Type Of Witness To Support Your Car Accident Claim

by Lois Gibson

When you are involved in a dispute with another driver over who is responsible for an accident, one of the factors that can affect your case the most is whether you have eyewitnesses who can testify on your behalf after an accident. For this reason, it's important to speak with any witnesses immediately and to also track down more witnesses with the help of a car accident attorney.

Speak with Any Witnesses 

If it is safe to do so, you should speak to everyone who has witnessed your car accident. Make sure to write down their names and contact information immediately. Ask the witnesses if they would like to serve as witnesses if necessary and ask them to write down what they saw. 

A great witness will be able to confirm what you saw so that your statement will be more credible. A witness will also possibly observe information that you were not even aware of. And your attorney may be able to track down additional witnesses.

How to Find Other Witnesses

An attorney may interview nearby business owners to find out if any of them have employees who may have witnessed the accident. An attorney might also advertise that they are looking for witnesses of a particular accident and call on these witnesses to come forward. However, the witnesses will also need to be credible.

Sometimes the Witness Didn't See the Accident

For whatever reason, a witness might claim that they saw an accident when they actually didn't. For example, the witness might not want to admit that they didn't see the accident. There are also some witnesses that may have observed the accident but are not able to accurately recount what happened due to poor eyesight or the fact that they were too far away from the accident.

The Witness Must Not Be Biased

Oftentimes, friends and family members are not considered to be credible witnesses because they will be perceived as being biased on your behalf. The best type of witness would be someone who you have never met before.

Also, if there are signs that the witness is manipulative or dishonest, they may not be seen as credible. If the witness has a questionable character, they might not be taken as seriously. A car accident attorney will be able to assess whether a particular witness should be used to bolster your case or whether you should look somewhere else for evidence.

Reach out to a car accident attorney for assistance.