Understanding Car Accident Claims

3 Pro Tips For Dealing With Motorcycle Accidents Resulting From Driver Negligence

by Lois Gibson

There is an unspoken assumption that when an accident involves a car and a motorcycle, the motorcycle owner is wrong. However, this is not always the case. Motorcycle riders face numerous dangers on the road. They are likely to suffer severe injuries when colliding with vehicles because their bodies are unprotected. When an accident happens, the police start by assessing its factors. Once they determine how the road condition, the driver, and the motorcycle rider contributed to the accident, all parties can decide how to proceed with the case. Here are four professional tips that can help you deal with your motorcycle accident case if the vehicle driver was at fault. 

Determining Liability

When pursuing compensation after a motorcycle accident, you have to follow the negligence law. The party that bears the liability in an accident is the one who acted carelessly or negligently. The law assumes that every motorist should exercise care and caution to void causing other road users harm. Therefore, if you can prove that the driver did not exercise this caution and that you got hurt in the accident, you can get at least a portion of the compensation. Gathering and tabling the evidence is a task that needs a legal, practitioner which is why you should hire a lawyer immediately after you file the claim. 

Seeking Medical Treatment

It is essential to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. The medical files will offer the evidence you need to move your case forward. The medical practitioner will also provide professional witnesses when you need to prove that you have reached maximum medical improvement or need help with other aspects of the case. Also, remember to follow medical advice because the insurer might use your failure to follow medical guidance as an excuse to deny you a settlement. 

Avoid Making Repairs

The sentimental attachment you have with your motorbike might make you decide to fix it soon after the accident. However, lawyers recommend that you forego the repairs until after the case. The damaged motorcycle is usually a considerable part of the evidence you need to prove your case. The lawyer could also use the nature of the damage to reconstruct what could have led to the accident.

It is advisable to speak to a lawyer immediately after getting involved in a motorcycle accident. They will help you gather the evidence you need for the case and get a quick and favorable settlement. 

For more information, reach out to a motorcycle accident lawyer.