Understanding Car Accident Claims

3 Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

by Lois Gibson

Driving a vehicle of any sort comes with the risk of getting into a collision, but motorcyclists are at a higher risk than other drivers. Due to motorcycles being so small, it is important for drivers of large vehicles to pay close attention to the road and abide by the speed limits. Although motorcycles are small vehicles, motorcyclists must also abide by the speed limits and use caution when driving. If you are a motorcyclist who was following the road rules but ended up in a collision with a larger vehicle due to the other party's negligence, do not hesitate to hire an attorney. If the other party has claimed that you caused the collision, you will want an attorney to prove that you are the victim.

1. The Other Party Might Not Be Liable for the Collision

Does the accident report state that you caused the collision with the other party, but you don't agree? Due to the accident report being written by a law enforcement officer, it is possible that the other party did not cause the collision. For example, if you tried to cut in front of a large vehicle because your motorcycle is small, you might be responsible for the collision, but law enforcement officers are human and sometimes make mistakes. An attorney will review what the officer wrote in the accident report and thoroughly assess the information for mistakes. He or she will assist you with contesting the report to prove that you did not cause the collision.

2. Waiting to Hire an Attorney Is a Big Mistake

If you want to get justice for your injuries and trauma from the accident, do not wait to hire an attorney. The reason is that you might not be able to file a lawsuit if you wait too long to get the legal process started. For example, in most states, there are statute of limitation laws in place to protect people from getting sued after a lot of time has passed for an accident of which they are accused. An attorney can explain the statute of limitation laws in your state if you are undecided about immediately taking legal action. However, it is wise to allow an attorney to start working on your case right away, as fresh evidence can build a stronger case.

3. Accident Victims Deserve to Be Compensated

You deserve to receive compensation for your medical expenses, even if the expenses are for mental injuries. For example, if you do not intend to ever drive a motorcycle again due to getting traumatized in the collision, it is considered a mental injury. You also deserve money for lost wages, pain and suffering, and anything else that has caused a financial bind in your life due to injuries from the collision. Learn what you can be compensated for by making an appointment to speak with an attorney.

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